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Welcome To Bottom 9 Sports Academy and welcome to Proving Grounds LLC. What's the difference?  Bottom 9 Represents the Baseball and Softball Training. Known for sending out strong hitters in all age groups. We have worked hard not only to develop great hitters but also some big time power arms on the mound and solid defensive skills. We offer 1 on 1 baseball and softball training, baseball travel teams, and camps and clinics. Our big focuses our on the fundamentals of the game and developing the 5 tools, hitting, hitting for power, speed, fielding, and throwing.

Proving Ground LLC. Sports specific training. Athletes from all sports get evaluated by our Certified training staff. Each athlete will be given their own workout plan developed not only for the individual but also for the sport and position they play. These workouts are to develop and help the athletes reach their full athletic potential. Below shows more about how we assess, strategize, execute, measure, and compete at The Proving Grounds!

  • Assess- First, we must establish a baseline of where the athlete is at. We will test and evaluate the athletes strengths and weaknesses, through a series of functional movement tests. We will Determine what level the athlete is at, and determine what is inhibiting their performance. 

  • Strategize- We go to the drawing board to determine which route to take to increase the athletes performance and build a custom program based on their assessment and needs. 

  • Execute- once the strategy is created we then execute block by block with each training session to apply the correct stimulus and stress to the body to get the results we are working to achieve.

  • Measure- Tracking your progress. Programs are built to be used not only as a guide to follow, but a note pad for the athlete and trainer to track each workout.


  • Compete- Reaching our goal in training must be translated over to the athletes ability to perform in competition. The weight room and everything associated with training is a tool to progress the athlete in competition. We are NOT trying to make them a better WEIGHT LIFTER but a better athlete. So what the athlete does in the gym directly translates to their on field performance.

  • NOT JUST FOR OUR ATHLETES- These methods are not just for our athletes. We use this same method to help out everyone that wants to train. We can put together programs for people for weight loss, create a better healthier lifestyle, tone up, or even get ready for that 5K you signed up for. Its all about the results. 

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Baseball players WANTED born in the year 2012 for our Fall Instructional Program!

Instructional Program is a practice team to help young gifted players develop the fundamentals and rules of the game. We encourage our team to continue in town play with the addition of 2 practices a week from September - October with us to help develop their fundamentals to gain experience in travel baseball as they get older. Call (203) 714-6190 for more INFO!


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