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Sport specific training

Every workout designed for the individual athlete ,sport, and  position. With a Certified training staff to help you every step of the way to help you maximize your athletic potential. This is not your average gym! See Inside and look for yourself! For questions call (203) 714-6190.


Youth Speed & Agility Classes

Small group classes. Learn how to build speed, power, quickness and explosiveness.

Now offering adult strength and conditioning Programs for everyone

Tired of trying to figure out what workouts to do, or spending hundreds of dollars for private trainers? Get a custom workout program based on your needs and wants for your fitness goals. Includes the use of our app for your monthly program as well as our training staff on hand to help and guide you through your workouts daily. 

Adult Kick Boxing Classes

Every Monday and Friday Nigh at 7pm 

First Class is FREE

Proving Grounds




  • Adult Strength & Conditioning Programs

  • Athlete, sport, and position specific workouts