Performance Trainers

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Darnell Brown


Football was supposed to be my future. It was my passion, and everything in my life revolved around getting stronger, faster, and becoming a better athlete to increase my chances of making it to college, and the ultimate goal of going to the NFL. I had never even thought about what I'd do if football wasn't an option anymore, but unfortunately, that's exactly what happened. My body did not agree with my dreams. No matter how good my stats and numbers were, it ultimately didn’t do much to keep me off the sidelines. Due to injuries rapidly piling up, I made the painful decision to not pursue football after high school. 


Not being able to fulfill that dream, I quickly realized I needed to find a new path, and I discovered that Exercise Science was a major at the school I had decided to enroll in. I couldn’t believe I didn’t even know that such a perfect academic program existed. I realized just how much there was to learn about performance training, including what could have contributed to why I couldn’t stay healthy as a player. I wanted to be able to keep other kids like me from the same fate.


Ultimately, I learned that spending my formative high school years doing the same workout over and over may have helped me get strong, but that kind of generic, one-size-fits-all strength training never translated to improving my performance on the field. Having an educated strength coach who knows how to best support the development of an athlete is instrumental in ensuring that the athlete has the best possible chance for success, and the lowest possible chance for injury. However, not every high school is able to employ a high-level strength coach, which is why I have made it my goal to build a program for athletes that is accessible outside of the school weight room, to give all athletes an equal playing field and a fair chance at success.



Evan Patterson


Finding Fitness was the best thing that ever happened to me. After 4 years of wrestling at the Varsity level in Masuk High School, I began my journey as an amateur mixed martial arts fighter. Realizing I had more interest in training and planning my workouts I started to drift into the strength and conditioning side of the sport. I quickly learned what it took to push the human body to its limits through the grueling work of fighting. 

I now hold certifications in a few different fitness niches suck as strength and conditioning, general personal training, and functional movement. 

My limitations through my athletic career was that while I had the athleticism I never found a sport I loved enough to commit to and so my career was short. My goal now is to find the youth athletes that have their sports picked and give them the advantage of nearly start to athletic training so they can pursue their dreams to the highest levels.